RSS Proaquatix reveals new captive bred Parioglossus – but what species?

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    proquatix_mysteryfish-1024x678.jpg The Proaquatix Mystery Fish – a new species spawned and reared, but what is it? Image courtesy Proaquatix.

    While at MACNA, we had the opportunity to talk fish with Seth Pierce of Proaquatix. Seth hinted that one of the newest developments is the captive breeding and rearing of a small*Parioglossus*”Goby” that schools.*Their problem? *No one there knows what species it is as*Parioglossus*are very small and little known marine fish. Today, Proaquatix released a video of the fish in question – lightbulbs are going off in our heads, but first, check the video.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Pierce tells us that the*Parioglossus*species has extremely “Tiny! Eggs…we were amazed that they came through…” *The fish breeder in me sees these and knows we’re looking at a potential breakthrough . . .a new genus or even new family of marine fish being cultivated for the first time. *Proaquatix took quite the gamble on these fish; these were most definitely NOT what they were “sent as”, but it’s paid off in another marine fish breeding first. *If only they knew what species they could claim . . .*but we’ll leave it to you, our loyal readers, to weigh in with your own identifications. Let’s see if someone can figure it out! *ProQ is taking guesses on their Facebook page as well.​

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