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    Fasciatus-goby1.jpg Captive-bred Cryptocentrus fasciatus - Bluefin Watchman Goby - image courtesy of Proaquatix

    Commercial Marine Ornamental Fish Breeder Proaquatix promised more surprises for 2011 -* the announcement of captive bred bluefin watchman goby is one we couldn’t have predicted.* The Bluefin or Y-Bar Watchman Goby, Cryptocentrus fasciatus, isn’t commonly available in the trade (only price we could find was a single offering from LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den for a $100 pair).* The introduction of C. fasciatus brings the total number of Watchman Goby species that have been*successfully captive bred to at least 4: the others being C. cinctus, C. lutheri, and C. leptocephalus. Proquatix is the first to offer this attractive goby captive bred for the aquarium hobby.

    While the captive-bred juvenile Bluefin Watchman Goby shown above may appear rather cryptic, the adult broodstock differs significantly, being largely black with some white markings on the back (vaguely reminiscent of a much more expensive goby that recently made a splash in the aquarium industry).* A quick look at Fishbase’s images will reveal the striking possibilities this species offers as an adult.* Drawing on our freshwater experiences, we’re thinking that hobbyists may have to play with environmental colors and perhaps keep these gobies in pairs to get the best coloration out of them.* Of course, this is a Watchman Goby, so it will burrow, tunnel, and sift your sandbed as others of the genus do.* Not to mention they are a shrimp goby, so bring on the pistol shrimp partners.
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