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    For all the aquariums on display at MACNA, filled with crazy colorful corals, exotic species and the latest LEs, it was a fish tank that really grabbed our attention at MACNA. The circular lookdown tank by Proaquatix was the most impressive display of captive raised livestock, principally because of the tank and the species’ innate desire to just keep swimming.

    In a similar vein to the first videos of captive bred lookdowns, Proaquatix’s captive bred relatives of jack fish spend their time just going round and round their circular aquarium in a very soothing display of aquatic art. Also like the lookdown aquarium built by SEA Atlanta, it’s hard to pin down what exactly makes lookdowns so worthy of display. Best of all, now we can talk about setting up displays with captive bred lookdowns who can grow into and adapt to their aquarium home instead of handling large ocean-going fish.

    lookdown circle - YouTube
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