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    Kaitlyn Cameron’s Prisma Canvas is no stranger to producing amazingly inspired hand drawings of amazing reef life, like the ‘Yin-Yang Mandarin‘ and scores of other great subjects. As her follow-up Kaitlyn has been hard at work on two more stunning art works, one is an action shot of a chambered nautilus and the other is an up-close and personal harlequin shrimp.*MACNA this weekend in Dallas will be the first time reproductions will be available of the newly completed Harlequin shrimp and the Chambered Nautilus.


    Prisma Canvas eproductions are printed on Epson Somerset Velvet; a 100% cotton, acid-free paper that delivers long-lasting prints. Framing and/or matting is available for an additional cost.

    Cost per print are as follows:
    8×10” = $55
    11×14” = $70
    16×20” = $100

    In addition a limited number of framed pieces will be available for purchase from Prisma Canvas at the show, each will be a floating 11×14 frame with an 8×10 print. *Each limited piece will be priced at $85. She will also have a few limited edition pieces of the Ying Yang Mandarins at the original size of 24×36 on canvas and the Chambered*Nautilus at 18-14inches on canvas. *Each will be individually hand-signed. Original pieces will be available for purchase as well.

    While at MACNA Prisma Canvas will be available to discuss design of corporate logos and commissions for specific art studies. The new art works from Prisma Canvas will be available to view on aisle 8, directly opposite HighDefCorals.

    As a bonus, Kaitlyn will be doing a single commissioned piece for a raffle drawing at the show. *The winner of the piece will get the opportunity to work with Kaitlyn to design their own 10×8 original artwork.*Any requests can be forwarded to Kaitlyn via email: prismacanvas at gmail dot com.

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