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8 May 2007
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A new company called Printed Reefing Solutions has a refreshing new catalog of innovative marine aquarium accessories. As the name implies, PRS uses 3D printing technology to create some really neat aquarium devices, none of them earth-shattering, but oh so many of them incredible useful to the day to day activities of the practicing reefer.


We’ve seen 3D printed frag plugs before, but Printed Reefing Solutions 3D printed frag racks are wildly practical, and designed to custom fit a wide range of applications. The open construction of the PRS magnetic frag racks makes them extremely light, and transparent to both light and flow to keep your frags happy above and below. The lightweight construction also means that it takes much less magnet to hold them up.


An interesting twist on the frag rack is Printed Reefing’s Frag Carriers which are specially built mini-frag racks that are designed to fit into tupperware containers, for more easy transport to and from the frag swap and reef aquarium shows. Some other really nifty devices from PRS include test kit organizers, because who likes to put everything back in the test kit box every time you use it?And with the PRS test kit organizers you’ll always know where to put that pesky tiny spoon for ‘Nitrate Reagent #3’ so it won’t get lost again.

The other really nifty category in Printed Reefing Solution’s new catalog are holders for probes, lines, tubing, and aquarium controllers.The 3D printed reefing accessories from PRS are colorful, many of them are magnetic, and most everything costs between $10 and $20. Again, none of these useful trinkets will dramatically change the way you reef, but if you’ve got a little OCD slant to your reefing and you like to keep everything nice and neat, PRS has you covered on several fronts. [Printed Reefing Solutions]

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