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    Drop off tanks are one of the unique variations on the glass box and Primo Reef has taken the plunge pushing the boundaries by developing tanks with a 40-48 in. plunge.

    Previous designs were limited to the depth of the plunge due to the strength of glass and many were made from acrylic. But as we are getting used to the extreme clarity that Starfire and other low-iron glasses provide, it took a bit more engineering to get it right.

    From what we learned from the team at Primo Reef is they spent over two years researching glass pressure rating and advanced technical testing with engineers on stress factors of glass. They developed a design that can provide a safe drop off – even up to 4 feet!

    In this example they provided, the tank holds 140 gallons and measures in at 48 in. wide, 24 in. deep with that staggering 40 in. drop. It is built from 19mm thick Starfire glass on three sides. The setup even comes with a custom overflow weir gate that slides off and on from top and a custom aluminum T-slot stand to provide a lower profile for more room. It also comes with a custom aquascape for this design.

    For $7999.99 you get the tank, stand and sump. The team plans on offering mini dropoff models in the fall.

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