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8 May 2007
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Innovative Marine’s line of Nuvo Concept aquariums first revealed at ReefStock 2016 made a huge splash with both visitors to the show, and readers here on Reef Builders. No one could have imagined how sensational the reaction would be to these truly unique all in one tank designs, and we’ve got the first update on the Nuvo Concept aquariums since then.

The three tanks shown off by Innovative Marine included a peninsula tank, a cylinder aquarium, and the biggest hit of all by far was the Abyss drop-off style aquarium. Due to the overwhelming response Innovative Marine took a step back, evaluated the whole line to give the public exactly what they want, and now we have a new trio of small creative reef tanks to look forward to.


The Nuvo Concept aquariums still includes the Atoll Cylinder and the Abyss Panorama, but now the rectangular Peninsula tank has been replaced with a drop-off Abyss Peninsula and reefers should love the new larger dimensions. All three tanks will be priced at $349 when they become available in May and we’ve got the full rundown on each model so you can go ahead and figure out how much space to clear out on your desktop or other aquarium-suitable nook in your home.


As far as we know the Nuvo Concept Atoll Cylinder aquarium will be the first cylindrical all-in-one aquarium available that is explicitly suitable for reef, coral and saltwater aquariums. The Atoll Cylinder will be 18 inches in diameter and 11 inches high for a total volume of 12 gallons.

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A single 8 watt, 92 gallon per hour return pump will be fed through a single outlet and it should be more than enough flow to drive both the rear-mounted filtration and provide flow throughout the aquarium. This type of aquarium seems like a perfect fit for assembling collections of zoanthids, mushroom anemones and flower anemones which are becoming available in wild colors and sizes lately.


The Nuvo Concept Abyss Panorama is the real star of the line which really broke a lot of expectations when it was revealed, and it’s also received the most retooling since it was first announced. The once-14 gallon Abyss Panorama has been reshaped to be much taller than previously, and the new 15″ x 20″ by 17″ tall tank now holds 20 gallons.

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The Abyss Panorama also has thicker acrylic walls that are now 8mm thick to accomodate the extra height. This 20 gallon drop off tank will come with an 11 watt return pump capable of pushing 211 gallons per hour which will be fed through two water outlets. The instant we saw the Abyss Panorama we imagined keeping high light corals or frags on the shallow side and a nice reefscape in the open section, allowing us to neatly have one section for the coral frag collection, and another for the actual mini reef.


The Nuvo Concept Abyss Peninsula is a brand new design that meshes what we had previously seen with the Peninsula and Abyss drop off Nuvo Concept tanks. Instead of having this drop off design have a shallow section on one side and the deeper section on the other side, the Abyss Peninsula places these sections at opposite ends of the aquarium.

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Peninsula tanks are awesome for getting even more viewing space out of your reef tank, provided you have a space where the tank is viewable from all three sides. The Abyss Peninsula has the same dimensions and filtration as the Abyss Panorama, except that in this model the return flow will be coming through just a single outlet.

Besides their novel shapes and form factors, all of the Nuvo Concept aquariums will come with a pedestal and rubber leveling mat, both of which will really help to elevate these aquariums wherever they are placed. All three models of the Nuvo Concept aquariums will be fully compatible with a wide range of Innovative Marine’s accessories including teh Desktop Ghost Skimmer, Desktop MiniMac reactor and the Desktop Micron socks.

We can’t wait to see what kind of creative aquascapes reefers will come up with in these new aquarium sizes and shapes but thankfully we should be seeing these in the wild in just under a couple months.
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