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    Prestige-LED is a small lighting company that has a few of your upgraded Chinese box LED fixtures but has come out with an intriguing LED+T5 hybrid fixture coming in at a good pricepoint. Touting all Cree LEDs onboard, the*Prestige-LED hybrid is available in a 24 and 36 in. length combining a solid amount of LEDs to go with four-bulb T5*coverage.

    Each fixture has three controllable channels for the LEDs that allow dimming with nine setting per channel that allow for some pretty impressive customization. There is also a 24 hour clock to set that dawn-to-dusk cycle. On top of that, the T5s features your high polished reflectors to maximize the light reaching your tank. The T5 bulbs are also controlled with separate power cords for each pair of bulbs. On top of the advanced control, the fixture also features a wireless remote that should give you at least basic controls.

    The 24 in. version delivers 204W of output combining 36 LEDs and measures in at*23.25 x 10.3 x 1.8 in. and will run you $529.99. The 36 in. version measures in at*35.25 x 10.3 x 1.8 in. pumping out 288W and setting you back $649.99. For more information check out the website.

    dscf1738-1-150x150.jpg 3370514-150x150.jpg 6588494-150x150.jpg 1428570-150x150.jpg 3364547-150x150.jpg
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