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    The Premium Light Bar appears to be a home-grown aquarium product from Neptune Aquatics meant to serve as a way to elegantly mount Kessil’s uber popular A350 LED spotlights. Although the Kessil A350 already comes with some form of mounting hardware from its topside, the Neptune Aquatic Premium Light Bar is meant to cradle the large spotlight from the base.

    This configuration makes for one smooth clean continuous line from the underside of the spotlight back to where the pendant is being supported from. The heavy duty light hanger appears to be a combination of tube steel and milled parts which shows a certain degree of ingenuity and resourcefullness that we don’t expect from a typical fish or even reef store.

    But then, Neptune Aquatics is far from typical being a specialist not only in reef life but also in high end freshwater fish like African cichlids and freshwater planted tanks. Neptune hasn’t revealed much about the Premium Light Bar for the Kessil*three fifty*series except for these pictures they teased on their facebook page.

    If we had to guess we would estimate the cost of the Premium Light Bar at around $70 and if they can hit or beat that price and still deliver on some quantity of units, Neptune Aquatics may have a burgeoning new revenue stream on their hands. Neptune Aquatics is located in Milpitas CA and if you’re interested in the new Premium Light Bar be sure to reach out and get in touch with them.







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