RSS Prediction: Neptune Systems will release the Flo DC Pump at MACNA

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8 May 2007
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The Fl? centrifugal pump is what we believe Neptune Systems will launch at MACNA this year. Take this prediction with a huge grain of salt, as we have no tangible evidence to go from, except reading the cards at where the hobby is at, and how Neptune Systems has positioned itself in the last few years.

At this point it’s fair to say that unless you have huge flow rate or head pressure needs, DC pumps have taken over as the primary engine for driving large and energy-conscious reef tanks. It’s been more than four years since RLSS fist launched the Waveline pumps and while the hobby has enjoyed controllable DC pumps in every permutation possible, that same rehashed 6-speed driver/controller is beyond tired. 

We’ve been promised some form of Apex-ready DC pump for several years now, we’ve even seen some out in the wild but we’ve yet to see any device like this come to market. The time is beyond ripe for a real controllable DC pump to be released, with more than just 6-speed control, even Ecotech Marine has deemed the reef aquarium hobby for a smart DC pump with their Vectra M1 and L1 centrifugal pump models. 

If we are disappointed by the lackluster progress in the development of smart DC pumps that can play nice with an Apex controller, then we know that Neptune Systems has to be sick of waiting as well. This is why we believe that Neptune Systems will soon be launching a controllable DC pump of their own, the Neptune Systems Fl?. With a dosing pump called the D?S and a internal propelled pump called the W?V, it only makes sense that Neptune has reserved to call their new centrifugal pump the Fl?. 

The idea of Neptune Systems releasing a DC pump makes even more sense if you consider the 1Link module that Neptune Systems created to channel all power and control to different pumps through a single cable. A single W?V pump with a 1Link module will cost $300 and additional W?V pumps will cost an additional $250 making a pair of W?V pumps slightly less expensive than a pair of comparable Vortech or Gyre pumps. 

Since the 1Link module can control up to three pumps, we always thought it was a bit odd that the 1Link module has an odd-numbered of accessory ports. The value proposition of the 1Link module increases dramatically if it is possible to drive two W?V pumps and one Fl? DC return pump. One return pump and two propeller pumps is the sweet spot for the number of pumps reefers need for an average high tech reef tank, and Neptune Systems knows this. 

Again, we’d like to reiterate that we haven’t seen any secret documents, and we haven’t been tipped off to any sensitive information. Our prediction for the Flõ DC return pump comes only from looking at where the hobby is at now, and especially the rate of new product releases that Neptune Systems has had in the last few years. We’ve been sort of right in the past, and we know that Neptune Systems will be launching some new gear at MACNA, but we’ll have to wait another month to find if it’s the Fl?. 

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