Predator A to soft tubed worms!

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    What follows is a pic I took ages ago of the eggs that are laid on the tube of tube worms and when they hatch they go in to the tube and devour the tubeworm from below.

    This I found out by accident many years ago, like most things that I do.
    I knew I had the original pic somewhere, but could only find the processed one till the other day.
    Usually you buy the tube worm and they may already have one of these predators in there with them ready to multiply and spread through your tank if food is available.

    The egg blisters did not look like they should be a problem to tube worms, not that I would have had any idea back then, until just before lights out one night years ago, around the late 90s I think it was that I observed the hatching of some of them and into that tube some went.
    I took the tube worm out and sliced it open and to see if these things live with tube worms, there were two in there and not much tube worm left of the actual feather duster worm an done was attached to the tube worm where there was damage.



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