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    Chaetodontoplus ballinae is a dichromatic beauty of legendary proportions, documented based on two trawler specimens off the deepwater Australian coast in the late 50s and 80s. One of the rarest and least known of the Chaetodontoplus genus, this angelfish is known only from few locations off Lord Howe Island. Needless to say, the fish is protected by UNESCO based on its range, and none has ever made its way into the trade.*C. ballinae is most often seen and photographed in Ball’s Pyramid, where they occur at shallower depths compared to their main Australian range.*

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    This video taken last year by youtube user*prodivelordhowe*shows incredibly rare footage of a Ballina angelfish swimming in its natural habitat. The handsome fish makes its brief appearance around the halfway mark of the clip before swimming off. Adorned in a tuxedo black white look with a striking yellow tail, the Ballina angelfish stands out amongst the featureless rock scape and swath of hideous damselfishes.
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