Pratley Putty day one

Discussion in 'Aquascaping' started by Bendor, 21 Mar 2013.

  1. Bendor


    20 Aug 2011
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    I have read some of the threads about glueing rocks together and many seem to use Pratley original. I bought some and followed the advice given.

    Mix small amounts.
    Wait 10 to 15 min before using.
    Don't fiddle to much with it in the water as it dissolves and makes the water very cloudy.
    Brush the rocks to improve surface contact and fix.
    Do a section, wait a day, do another little section.
    The skimmer will go bonkers.

    Next time I might mix in some red food dye to make it less white.


    Some cloudy white water.

    Skimmer overflowing with tiny bubbles.
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  3. butcherman

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    7 Sep 2009
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    Kempton Park
    cloudyness is to be expected and the skimmer might overflow.
    will dissapear in a few hours.
    good job otherwise :thumbup:
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