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8 May 2007
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It is easy to forget we all started with this hobby once in our lives. Sometimes it feels as if we were born with knowledge about salinity, water chemistry and animal husbandry. Beginners nowadays have the luxury of being able to obtaining tons of information from not only books and magazines but from websites, blogs, forums and videos.

Partially because there is such a wealth of information, it can be difficult for beginners to filter through the layers of information and noise to make a clear picture of a simple but effective system and it’s maintenance. For example, try to find a short and clear explanation of salinity and how to deal with this in a saltwater aquarium.

To help out beginning hobbyists in Europe, about 10 years ago one of our contributors, Tanne Hoff, wrote a beginner’s manual for the Dutch and Belgian market. This manual is still a trusted reference by many beginning hobbyists in that area of Europe today.

We heard it through the grapevine that Tanne decided to give this manual an update. It wasn’t long before he realized it should become more than reference for beginners manual, so it grew to encompass much more. We are excited to share the news that*” or translated ‘Practical guide for the Reef Aquarium’ will be hitting the shelves soon.

The small, yet handy, reference guide explains the basics of reef keeping in 52 concise pages. Topics like aquarium set up, maintenance, water chemistry, choosing healthy animals, and recognizing and battling common ailments and pests are all explained.*We think both novice and experienced aquarists will benefit plenty from this book.

The book is coming out by the end of July and we can’t wait to get our pectoral fins on it. It’s times like this we wished we spoke German or Dutch.

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