Power usage on TL 550

Discussion in 'Boyu TL450 and TL550 advice' started by Dorrey, 26 Jul 2011.

  1. Dorrey


    3 Jul 2011
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    Cape Town
    Has anyone noticed a significant increase in their power usage since starting their Buyo TL 550?

    Mine seems to be using a lot of it. I have my pump, skimmer, UV filter, heater and powerhead on 24 hours a day. I only use my lights for about 5 hours a day.

    What could be the culprit and what can I do without?
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  3. tjiPPi


    24 Oct 2010
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    It is most probably the heater. They tend to be on quite a bit during the winter.

    Check the power rating (W) of each piece of equipment and calculate the cost per day.
    You can calculate the total W:
    Take each W value, divide it by 1000 and multiply it by the number of hours it is on per day. Add all these together and you will have the total kWh per day.
    Multiply by the cost per kWh and you will know what the tank costs you per day.

    pump = 35W
    heater = 250W (on for 5 hours per day)
    skimmer = 40W

    So for a day:
    (35/1000*24) + (250/1000*5) + (40/1000*24) = 3.05kWh per day
    If electricity costs R1 per kWh, running the tank costs R3.05
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