Power cuts!


18 May 2007
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Krugersdorp Gauteng
I have had no power cuts right through the winter, now at the end of September with relatively mild weather I have had two and a half hour cut on the 9th of September starting at 1810 hrs.
And today (10/10/07) another for two hours and thirty five minutes.
So is this going to go on? Get worse?
So the only people able to watch the 2010 soccer will be those at the grounds, assuming the floodlights work?
The rest of us will be sitting in front of a blank TV set drinking warm beer.:lol:\
Oh bye the way, rumour has it we will have another at 1800 hrs for two hours and another at midnight
Yeah, it's rediculous. I'm missing the power cuts this time round, but had my fair share of it. It sucks that we have to suffer for Eskom's lack of foresight.
whats the price of this regulator and where did you get it from thalion?
There has been power cuts country wide, makes you wonder how the Chief of this circus earns over a bar a month and this is the service he delivers.
Hi Mekaeel, R400. Will find out if they sell to public, you may need an account. Will be buying more for other things. A guy in Hillcrest is using them on lights as with the power drops they have been blowing lots of lights. Only got it yesterday have it running my skimmer seio controller and my pc. Things are looking good as my ups and controller have not freeked out yet and the skimmer is more stable.
Seriousley dont know what to do ! Had no electricity all day and only coming on tomoro night , rekin im gong to loose everything
Thanks dean will do! Im going to buy a generator tomoro so if things survive tonight it should be fine
Guys i would suggest the next investment on your systems be a power back up of some sort, these power cuts are not going to get any better its going to get worse before it gets better. In fact i am seriously looking at spending the 20 odd grand and getting a diesel gennie to run the whole house as both my wife and myself run our own businesses and cannot do with out power for the computer's esp my wife.
Getting one for R900 tomoro
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