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8 May 2007
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We met with the team from AlgaeBarn at this years ReefStock event to learn more about their Poseidon’s Feast copepod mix and OceanMagik live phytoplankton. On their own, each product will feed your reef, but together they can help create a live food source that continues to reproduce and populate your aquarium.

Poseidon’s Feast contains a live mix of marine copepods (Tigriopus and Tisbe) and there are over 3000 copepods in each 16oz bag. Each bag contains copepods from all life stages which increases the likelihood that they establish a reproducing population in your aquarium.

OceanMagic is a mix of four live phytoplankton strains, and the phytoplankton is used to feed the copepods. Other filter-feeding invertebrates, corals and clams will also eat the phytoplankton mix however it is best used in combination with Poseidon’s Feast.

Marine copepods feed off of phytoplankton, and the copepods then become a live food source for fish in your aquarium. A live population of copepods will feed almost everything in your tank including corals, but fish with smaller mouths like mandarins, gobies, pipefish and seahorses will appreciate this feast the most.

If you look closely at the bag of Poseidon’s Feast, it helps if you shine a light on it, you can see the tiny copepods swimming around. In you tank you will find the copepods living in the nooks and crannies of rocks, in the sandy bottom or substrate, and living on the aquarium walls or glass.

As a bonus, the phytoplankton mix not only helps to feed copepods and filter feeders, but the phytoplankton will also consume Nitrate and Phosphates. Reducing Nitrate and Phosphates in your home aquarium can help slow the growth of nuisance algae. You can order your Poseidon’s feast copepods and OceanMagik phytoplankton online from the AlgaeBarn website.
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