RSS Portal aquarium viewer now shipping for glass or acrylic, ‘long lens’ also available

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    It’s no secret that we think very highly of the Portal aquarium viewer from Innovative Viewing Systems. The novel magnifying glass is literally a portal into the finer details of your reef tank, which is excellent for getting up close and personal with your corals and slow moving fish. Although the algae-scraping abilities of the Portal may seem secondary, the huge surface area of the scrubbing pads and built-in inspection make this a fine magnetic algae scraper as well.

    This week the Portal began shipping to preorders and it is now available to purchase from the IVS Portal website. The Portal is $65 plus shipping and it is available with tough glass cleaning pads or gentler scrubbers for the acrylic tanks. The stock lens of the Portal is good for viewing corals up to 18″ (45cm) into your aquarium but there is also a secondary lens available. The ‘long lens’ is easily swapped out of the outer portion of the Portal to give you the ability to view corals that are more than 20″ away from the glass. We have not yet tried out this second long lens but it will be posted on the website sometime soon for a separate cost of just $12.

    Supply of the Portal is somewhat limited as production of the innovative device ramps up, and IVS is also entertaining some group buys from verifiable marine aquarium clubs with a small discount and to help you save on shipping.
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