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    As it there weren’t enough blue damselfish to confuse us on identification, along comes*Pomacentrus micronesicus to add one more species to the mix. Identified from ten specimens collected around Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the new Micronesian damselfish is very similar to a host of other closely related blue reef fish.

    Pomacentrus micronesicus was just described in the journal Zoological Studies by*Shang-Yin Vanson Liu and colleagues who distinguished the new species based off morphological and genetic differences. The amount of yellow coloration is likely to be the only method for aquarists to distinguish the new Micronesian damselfish, with*P. micronesicus*displaying only a light yellow coloration on the ventral fins and tail.

    [​IMG]A possible pair of the new damselfish species Pomacentrus micronesicus

    [​IMG]The six species of slender blue Pomacentrus: (A) P. alleni (B) P. coelestis (C) P. auriventris (D) P. similis (E) P. caeruleus (F) P. micronesicus

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