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    Polyp Booster is among so many products available to the marine aquarist that claims to feed corals, and/or elicit a feeding response, but do we really know what is inside this stuff besides some obvious shrimp or fish meal? With PolypLab’s revelation of what is inside Polyp Booster, we now know all the Amino Acids and Fatty Acids that are present in the coral feeding goop,*and their concentrations.

    Polypbooster Fatty acid profile 2014

    With an unprecedented level of transparency, Polyp Lab has provided the list of the 12 fatty acids and 18 amino acids that make up Polyp Booster. It would have been enough for Polyp Lab to provide the list of ingredients, but not only did they give us the exact concentration of each fatty and amino acids, a hyperlinked list of all these Acids has been given with links to each compounds Wikipedia page.

    Polypbooster Amino acid profile 2014

    Armed with this information, coral feeding junkies can drill down into the never ending rabbit-hole of amino acid and fatty acids, what they do for general nutrition and biology and determine for themselves, analytically,*if coral food like Polyp Booster is good for softies and stoneys. The big surprise for us is tallying up the concentrations of each fatty and amino acids to realize that Polyp Booster is more than 80% active ingredients – that’s a lot of lipids and amino acids to be adding to our tanks, we just hope most of it is going down our corals’ gastrovascular cavity.

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