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8 May 2007
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PolypLab is planning on launching an upcoming video education project called Lab” in the next few weeks. Although video education series are nothing new, it looks like PolypLab is going to be featured around a complete aquarium system built from scratch in order to promote education in the hobby and showcase products.

The initial framework of the show is to follow along with weekly episodes over the course of a year around basic and advanced topics and other areas. It looks likePolyplab is teaming up with other sponsors for the equipment including Rowa, D+D, Marco Rocks, Tunze, AquaIllumination, and Reef Nutrition. The show is hosted by Ryan Merkley of the YouTube channel Farm Boy Reef.

As with any video series, the value is in consistent production and valuable content, and we are hoping to see a unique level of content coming out of this project. We expect to hear more about the project prior to launch and can share more details then.
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