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    Polyp Lab Nano Reef-Roids Coral Food is a smaller version of the Reef-Roid food by*the*Swedish*Canadian company. *The Nano Reef-Roids was developed with*Goniopora’s in mind but will work well with other*filter*feeders that consume food particles in the 150-200 micron range.*

    Polyp Lab describes the product as being made from marine planktons and not processed fish meal and it will bring a good feeding response and polyp extension on your corals and filter feeders including zoanthids, mushrooms and ricordia.

    A 2 oz. container will cost around $19.99 and last around three months for a standard 50 gallon system with feedings twice a week. According to the label, there is *60% crude protein, *20% crude lipids, 8% *crude fiber and 6% ash and moisture along with 150-200 ppm of the*anti-oxidant supplement Astaxanthin.

    [via Marine Depot]
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