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8 May 2007
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I live in seclusion, cloistered and coy.
Taciturn and weary, I watch you go by.
From under my ledge, I yearn to be free.
If only I dared, if only I cared.

I was named for the night, but the day I embrace.
My fins like the moon, my silhouette erased.
You think you see me, a miasmic blur.
But i’m watching you, like a mime that’s for sure.

I do appear drear and lacking in hue.
The color palette you choose can profit you.
But like a painter with a monochrome selection,
I struggle with expression.
And choke on the silence.

Priolepis nocturna, the Full Moon Goby.
By LemonTYK.

Priolepis nocturna. Photo credit: LemonTYK.

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