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    Embellished throughout, with stripes of a tiger.
    Not one of mammal, but of equal desire.
    Your presence is known, but secret i’ll keep.
    A halo a clue, is all I shall speak.

    An icon you are, surpassing your peers.
    Sharks are plenty, in numbers I fear.
    With torrents and swirls, divers persist.
    To catch a rare glimpse, they cannot resist.

    Forbidden you are, a fruit of the south.
    I’ll cover my ears, and zip up my mouth.
    But loops and holes, you make me jump.
    The ace for you are, the cards of trump. 

    So I look to the moon, the same way I swoon.
    That just one day, I might meet you soon.
    In a distant land, not too far away.
    But maybe this time, I will get to stay. 

    An original poem,
    by LemonTYK




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