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19 Feb 2013
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Hi Guys,

Please could anyone assist, if you are in the Fourways area, I am looking for a copepod / amphipod culture to start them breeding up in my tank.

Thank you your help will be greatly appreciated :thumbup:

i'm in fourways, my tank is 3 months old today but despite its youthful age i have got my pod population up quite quickly.

i suggest buying some LR off somebody like @Asheen and crush the rock up so that you can cover it up in your DT. works wonders.

oh yeah, helps if you dont have anu pod feeders in your tank when starting them out.
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Thanks Filthy,

I started off with base rock from Jungle, then got some LR with corals on it but seems like they strangely didn't come with pods, but enough brittle stars

Do you have some pods you can spare:)
i have seen them congregating on the empty shells laying about in the DT, i'm sure i could shake some off into some water and you could them throw them into your tank. when would do you want them?
Hi bud.

so sorry for the delayed response. been having some water issues and completely forgot where i was replying to you.

none the less, i'm busy fixing the water problem and perhaps we can arrange for collection once my water is in check?
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