Plumbing 101 (tips & tricks)

4 Sep 2007
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hey guys, i'm in a situation where i have to do all my system's plumbing my self

the problem is i haven't got any plumbing experience & would like to avoid any pitfalls

i have a short list that i picked up so far, please feel free to debate & add yours so we all can learn:

- where possible, try to avoid rigid piping at for e.g. connections to return pumps, although it looks very cool, it's difficult to disconnect the pump for servicing & disturbing the rigid piping system might cause another rigid connection to spring a leak?

- limit the use of 90 degree elbows, they restrict flow

- try to use the slip-in glue together plumbing components as opposed to the threaded componenets, they're easier to use & apparently the threaded components leak more over time?

ant :)
Yip agreed so far, if you do need a 90 bend use the soft bends, far less restriction. When using the glue do so in well ventilated area otherwise you will be glueing pipes all over the place. When using glue make sure to spread it all round the pipe when connecting. Always connect the bends and pipe before glueing to make sure they fit.
Use 50mm piping if possible, and have a backup if you can, easier building one than drying carpets etc


the 2 on the sides do the normal day to day overflow work, if one fails the other will keep up, if for some reason both fail/block then the water lever will rise until number 3 takes over which i will hear becuase it has no durso.

Just my idea, but hey
I tend to like threaded components, they help keep rigid plumbing modular. Yes, they can be a point of failure, but just limit them to key positions and you should be fine.

I personally don't construct plumbing I can't disassemble reasonably easily, so I plan my entire system around the smallest number of threaded components and unions that I need to keep the system flexible.

my advice is do not skimp on the size of your piping i currently got that problem a 25mm outlet is to small for my 6000l pump
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