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    We don’t see*Plectranthias pelicieri pop up in the aquarium trade too often but when it does, we take notice. Looks like B-Box Aquarium recently had the privilege of adding a Pelicier’s*Plectranthias to their stable of rare aquarium fish, likely having been sold for a decent sum before being even posted to their website.*Plectranthias pelicieri may occur from Mauritius to Tonga to Japan, it seems like the most frequent sightings are in and around the northwest Pacific Ocean, prime territory for making its way to the other end of Japanese camera lenses and aquariums.*

    If we had a number one personal candidate for captive breeding efforts it would have to be the stunning*Plectranthias pelicieri – It’s gorgeous at every size, and exceptionally beautiful in color and pattern as an adult. The inidividual that B-Box Aquarium is flaunting appears to be a picture perfect specimen of*Plectranthias pelicieri and this hardy and personable reef fish will likely be its owner’s favorite. We could go into long and minute detail about what this fish looks like*to our eyes, but thankfully B-Box has shared some amazing pictures and this close up video of their Plectranthias pelicieri - if that’s not enough we’ve also uncovered another super up close macro video of a Plectranthias pelicieri in the wild. Enjoy!


    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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