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    kelloggi.jpg Plectranthias kelloggi. Pictured by Oh Chee Fong.

    Plectranthias kelloggi (Zalanthias kelloggi) is a rather large member of the Plectranthias group so much so that some have placed it in another genus or subgenus. Unlike most of its smaller cousins, P. kelloggi grows to about 12cm and is rarely encountered in the trade. While not as intricately beautiful as P. pelicieri, P. kelloggi is pretty in its own way.*

    itadivingcenter.jpg Plectranthias kelloggi in the wild. Picture by ItaDivingCentre.

    P. kelloggi can be found in Hawaii, Taiwan and Japan, but all specimens that enter the trade come out of Japan. The white body with vertical bands of red and the maroon spot on the caudal peduncle make for a nice contrast. The rare perchlet arrived in Singapore’s New Trio Fisheries along with some Halcurias anemones, Assessor randalli and Callanthias japonicus. New Trio Fisheries is responsible for some of the more exotic livestock that enter the country, and even created the man made hybrid*between the panther grouper and the bumblebee grouper. *Below is a short video of P. kelloggi in the wild.

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