please help with corals

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    19 Mar 2010
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    South Hills, JHB
    Hi Guys and Girls

    I need some quick help please

    i have inherited 4 corals with a system i got
    my problem is that they do not look very happy

    i was wondering if there is anyone willing to come get them put them up
    till i can figure out what is wrong with the tank before i loose them

    1 x Frogspawn (not to big)
    1 x leather pin cushion (+/- 15-18cm)
    1 x bubble coral (8cm)
    1 x not sure (+/- 20cm long)

    if the person could come collect them and maybe bring a advanced test kit to test everything for me and advise what to do

    the frogspawn has already lost 1 head

    many thanks

    PS i'm in JHB South
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