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    Grotech-PlanktoMarine-Live.jpg GroTech PlanktoMarine Live is a new*refrigerated,*ultra-dense, live form of phytoplankton recently released to the German market. According to the company, the 20ml package of PlanktoMarine Live is comparable to a 1.8 liter bottle of traditional live plankton solutions. The highly concentrated formula has around 11.2 billion cells per ml and is a mixture of Nannochloropsis, Scenedesmus, Haematococcus, Chlorella and Phaeodactylum with cell sizes ranging from 2 to 20 micrometers making PlanktoMarine Live a good choice for a variety of critters. The product does need to remain refrigerated at a recommended 1-8°C (around 34-46°*Fahrenheit).

    Grotech states that PlanktoMarine Live provides essential proteins, carbohydrates and lipids for soft and hard corals, tube worms, clams, live rock and filter feeders, plus it is rich in Omega-3 (EPA and DHA), which promotes resistance to disease. The recommended dose is one or two drops per 100 liters every other week for a normal reef aquarium. This could also be another option for fish breeders as well. The 20ml package will run you €24.95 (about $33.50 USD) via GroTech’s online store. No word on whether this would be marketed in North America. Full rundown of nutritional analysis after the break.

    [via Acuaristica]

    <blockquote>Microalgae mixture: basic ingredients

    + 5% omega-3 and EPA in / TS
    Nutrition Facts
    g/100 g DM (dry matter)

    Minerals 8-9
    Protein 45-55
    Carbohydrates 21-30
    Fiber 15-23
    Greases 8-13

    Vitamins (selection) mg/100 g DM
    Vitamin B12 from 0.08 to 0.180
    Vitamin K 0.3 to 0.5
    Vitamin E 8-11
    Vitamin C 10-30

    Carotenoids and chlorophyll mg/100 g DM
    alpha – carotene 4-6
    beta – carotene 17-21
    Lutein 70-120
    Chlorophyll from 2.3 to 4.3

    Minerals and trace elements mg/100 g DM
    Potassium 1000 – 2300
    Magnesium 200-460
    Calcium 250-600
    Iron 40-190
    Manganese 30-10
    Zinc 5-15
    Copper 1-3

    Minerals and trace elements ?g/100 g DM
    Chrome 50-100
    Selenium 20-10
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    This could have a lot of potential in the breeding circles... If it's that good really.

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