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    A self-contained Pico reef would probably look great on your desk at work. PJ Reefs is introducing just that with their recently announced kick starter project. For a $150 pledge, you’ll receive the pico jar and and reef lamp that is included. There are other options including livestock available for both domestic and international customers.

    The Pico Reef is the brain-child of Paul Roncal, who designed the Pico Reef system from the ground up. Frustrated by other designs on the market he created an all-in-one kit. Because of the ease that Kickstarter affords in collecting funds for new projects, he thought that would be the best route to take. He is aiming to collect 30,000 in funds by May 26 and if he doesn’t reach the goal the full project won’t be funded. If you’re interested in getting your very own PJ Reef Pico system head on over to the official kick starter project and send him some currency love.
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