Pieter-6-Meter’s 2000 gallon reef tank gets video update

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    There must be something in the reef water cause it seems like everyone’s been filming their reef tanks lately and uploading them for all of us to enjoy. The latest video to making up on the Reefing tube is Pieter-6-meter’s iconic 2000 gallon reef tank. Now many of you will be familiar with the old reefscape of Pieter 6 meter’s reef tank which was a wall of reef rock, albeit a 20 foot long wall of rock covered with gorgeous corals.

    Earlier this year Pieter’s reef was rebooted with much less rock and much less corals, making for a much more dynamic and diverse reef structure. You can see that Pieter held onto many of his largest colonies and has really focused on opening up the reef and building many more caves, archs, pinnacles and bommies. If Pieter’s reef behaves anything like the Rocky Mountain Reef tank, we ought to be seeing some explosive growth from this mini-reef system in a short time. Take a look at the old video and this updated one and let us know your thoughts on Pieter’s reefscaping direction.
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