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    Aberrations are amongst some of nature’s most wonderful surprises and few more so than the piebald yellow tang. The spectacular specimen brought in by Quality Marine is a fine example of how variable these piebald Zebrasoma tangs can be. No two aberrant Zebrasoma are ever the same and although we’re fortunate to* see a few pieces appearing sporadically from time to time, each piece is unique in their own way and the coloration is never repeated.

    This vivid colorful adult boasts of an impressive white body with the stark yellow contrast creeping into the dorsal and anal fins. The pectoral region is encircled in a yellow collar that brings a unique break in the opalescent white body. Perhaps the most interesting feature on this tang is the border of yellow that sits on the edge of the white tail.


    Another aberration to hit the scene is this juvenile Koran angelfish from Walt Smith. The odd shape in the middle of the body is akin to the rather morbid smiling masks that one so often see in theaters. Unfortunately, the “smiling mask” will soon disappear as the fish matures into adulthood.
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