Pico tank wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Lizid, 2 Jan 2011.

  1. Lizid


    17 May 2010
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    Hi there guys I am new to the Marie world, I have just help setup my dads tank picture attached...

    I am now thinking of setting one up for myself but I want to start small so I was wondering I any one has a pico tank laying around I can buy or take of your hands...

    Let me know what you think of my dads tank, just before any one says anything the tank is over stocked with fish I unfortunately don't have control over what fish my dad bought lol but the tanks is stable and running well, very well actually...


    I will upload an updated pic later this is few weeks old now...
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  3. Slagter

    Slagter MASA Contributor

    27 Jan 2010
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    Hehehehehehe... And he comes to the Dark side!

    Welcome dude...

    Why not just convert one of your smaller tanks to Marine? A Pico is very difficult to maintain due to it's small size... Something bigger, like a Nano would probably be better. 60 - 100L is a better size than 10 - 20L.
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