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    PicO Skim by PicO Aquariums is a new air driven nano protein skimmer that seems to be catching the wave of the small and effective filtration devices. Borrowing some design cues from Gnome Glass nano skimmer, the PicO skimmer is made of acrylic and equipped with a wooden airstone, black feed line and black drain line for the bracketed skimmer without adjustable height adjustment.

    Since the heigh of the PicO Skim is not adjustable relative to the mounting bracket, users will have to rely solely on the air adjustment valve for fine adjustments of the protein skimming. Nevertheless, the PicO Skim is ten inches tall, with a footprint of 2.75 inches square and can operate in water level as low as 6 inches deep. PicO Aquariums is pre-selling the PicO Skim for $80 as pictured above and $92 with an appropriately sized MillionAir air pump.
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