RSS Pico Aquariums releases new Fall 2010 designs with the Manta Ray and the Ridge

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    Pico Aquariums Manta Ray and Ridge designs are two recently released lines of tiny aquariums for the pico and nano crowd. The Pico Aquarium Manta Ray design is more along the line of your typical cube with with a shorter height, often coming in at around half the length and width of the tank. The Pico Aquarium Ridge series is a peninsula style aquarium giving you great long viewing angles on each side.

    With a sleek, rimless design of beveled glass both the Pico Aquarium Manta Ray and Ridge series are beautiful aquariums featuring an all-in-one filtration system — built in surface skimming overflow, media tray, open area for refugium and Loc-line return fittings. Both aquariums are available in standard or high clarity glass to suit your needs.

    The Manta Ray is available in three sizes — Manta Ray 12, 15, 18 — but the nomenclature is not based on volume of the aquarium but is length of the sides. The Manta Ray tanks hold either 5.5, 8.75 or 12.5 gallons respectively and start around $199.99 and go up to $269.99 for the standard glass, for high clarity glass expect to pay from $229.99 to $299.99.

    The Ridge series also follows the same nomenclature with the model number based on the length of its longest side with volumes of 4.5, 8.5 and 14.5 gallons. Pricing runs from $180 to $245 for standard and $220 to $285 for high clarity glass.
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