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    The PicO Filtration system is a unique in-tank filter compartment that brings foresight and flexibility to a range of nano reef aquariums. Like the thoughtfully engineered In-Tank filtration systems which have practically sized-chambers for media and filter pads, the PicO Filtration System 2.0 does all that plus offering a small area for a nano refugium/algae scrubber and surface skimming.

    The MantaRay PicO filter 2.0 is built out of durable and attractive black ABS plastic and it also includes two small clear windows which allow for the addition of the one watt LED refugium light through the back of the tank and another one for viewing the height of the water level in the ‘sump’ area of the internal filter. Lots more details in the video and we hope to learn pricing for this cute little device real soon. [PicO Aquariums]
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