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    We usually stick with a simple 6,500K or lower light for our refugiums but Build My LED is challenging this point of view with its new line of custom LED fixtures designed with your color of refugium macroalgae in mind. If you have predominantly green algae, red algae or a blend, Build My LED has you covered. The Build My LED refugium LED fixture was developed with specific light wavelengths to encourage the growth of green macroalgae in your refugium.

    For the refugium LED for green macroalgae, the fixture has was designed with a spectrum and intensity for your light-hungry green algae like Chaeto (Chaetomorpha), Ulva, Caulerpa and Halimeda. The refugium LED for red macroalgae is perfect for Dragon’s Breath (Halymenia) and Red Gracilaria. Have a blend of the two? Check out the universal spectrum refugium LED.

    Available in eight lengths ranging from 12 to 72 inches with five optic lens angles (30 to 90 degrees), you can easily construct the perfect, custom LED light for your refugium. Build My LED recommends ordering the length based on how long your refugium is and notes each fixture easily covers a 12-inch wide growing area. Fixtures start at $119 and are available in silver or black for an additional $5 a foot.

    For some of us who appreciated running around to different home improvement and lighting stores looking for 6,500K compact fluorescent bulbs for our refugium, these types of new fixture LEDs make possible might just make that a project of the past, just like searching for elusive 50lb bags of aragonite play sand.

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