2 Jun 2015
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9 months ago after cycling my tank i bought a Picasso trigger and cleaner shrimp 9 months later they still co exist how much longer will it last i only recently read about picasso seating shrimp
general rule of thumb if it can fit in the mouth of the Trigger it's gone, let's not forget that a Picasso can bite with it's lekker teeth.
Keep a piece of live rock on the substrate and turn it often. I think those fish get bored,that will give him something to munch on:lol:
What do lol so used to both of them

get rid of the shrimp.....:whistling:
picassos generally will live much longer

or make a perferated enclosure in tank or sump....shrimps generally live in small cave crevaces, under ledges etc so i t wont bother him at all

i am a huge fan of triggers....i may even confess they my favourite species.....
when i first started keeping marines 15 years back i had a six foot tank with nearly all the triggers co-existing together, picasso, clown, queen, pink tail, niger, rectangular, etc etc and i had shrimps with em for about 2 years......but one day the one trigger swam up slowly to the shrimp like he had done always....stopped infront of him and looked at him with his eyes glanzing everywhere....and then decided to have himself a prawn cocktail............
it did not end there....straight after he went and had the second one just seconds after the first
and within a day all the shrimps were gone

i tried to re-introduce a shrimp or 2 weeks later but they didnt even make the freefall from the top to the gravel.

same with coral...for 2 years...never took a bite....until one day clown trigger took a 10 cent piece out the pin cushin stem......then it was a bite a day until i removed pin cushin and decided to culture it
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