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    Ah, the green stuff. The miracle cure, the lifeblood of a reeftank, the savior of fan worms and clams of all ages... Or maybe not so much. Could it be that phytoplankton actually does more harm than good in a reef aquarium? In the ocean there is a lot of phytoplankton and it's crucial to the ecosystem. In the ocean. In your tank, however, phytoplankton dies and fouls up your water quality. I mean let's think about it, you're pouring live green stuff into your tank where chances are that only a miniscule part of it will be used for food. In fact, it is arguable if any realistic part of it will be used for food by your tank's inhabitants. To lay to rest some of the myths: fanworms do not need phytoplankton, neither do pods, tubeworms, your rock, or clams. Or anything. It's quite possible, and by quite possible I might mean a 100% certainty (refer to disclaimer below), that nothing at all in your tank will notice the difference as to whether phytoplankton is present or not. In my system I haven't been using phytoplankton from day one, and I have walls of fanworms and tubeworms, tons...


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