Physical Symptoms of Fish Disease

28 Dec 2007
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Small white spots on fin or skin
Cyptocaryon irritans (white spot, marine ich)

Small white spots that come and go
Gyrodactylus (leech-like parasite) or other flukes

Tiny white spots or velvety appeareance
Amyloodinium ocellatum (marine velvet)

Whitish fluffy patches on skin or fins
Lymphocystis (virus)

Gray or white patches on skin or fins
Chondrococcus columnaris (Flexibacter)- bacterial

Nodules visible beneath the skin, white or dark
Glugea, or Henneguya; Cestoda (tapeworm larvae)

Nodular white swellings on skin or fins
Lymphocystis (virus)

Red streaks on skin or fins

Vibrio or other bacteria

Destruction of tail or fins
Vibrio, pseudomonas

Ulceration of skin
Ichthyosporidium (fungus), Vibrio or other bacteria

Yellow to black nodules on or below skin

Wasting, hollow belly
Mycobacterium marinum (relative of tuberculosis) [this can be contagious to humans] or underfeeding

Scale protusion, often reddish, with normal body
Bacterial infection of scales

Scale protusion due to an inflated body

fish dropsy

Pop-Eye, Cloudy Eyes
Gas embolism, copper poisoning

Cloudy eyes, even blindness
Toxins, severe white spot or velvet

Destruction of lateral line
Viral attack

Crustaceans on skin

Spinal deformity
Mycobacterium marinum, vitamin or calcium shartage, genetic or Ichthyosporidium

Marine Fishes & Invertebrates - Dr Cliff Emmens 1995
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