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    Hi everyone,

    I am actually a freshwater ecologist but having got to the dead end on this in the freshwater arena. I am trying you marine guys because you are the chemistry whizzes:). I also know that algae are the bane of your lives too. So here goes: I know there are all sorts of phosphate filters on the market but they are imported, expensive and come in small packages. I am looking for large amounts to clean up my outdoor ponds. I know that the active ingredients in some of these media are iron oxide and aluminium oxide. Does anyone know what the difference is between the type that is in the media sold to aquarists at a premium, and the oxides that can be bought directly from bulk suppliers in SA such as chemical supply companies??? Are we being ripped off here or is there a genuine reason for having to pay top dollar for an imported product? Looking forward to a response and if anyone can direct me to literature I would be most grateful.
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    Hi Aqua! A very WARM WELCOME to MASA! Great to have you on-board!

    One of the BEST ways (cheap and sustainable) is using a seperate container where you pump water through, where you explicitly grow a certain plant or algae, to remove the phosphates/nitrates from the water.

    Alternatively, purchase a few more water plants, and put these into your pond or into a seperate area in your pond (if you have this).
    Ensure that there is ample sunlight shining onto the plants/algae....

    Chemical products work, ie. (in the marines we use SeaChem Phosguard), but, as you say, these are expensive.

    Research "algae scrubbers" or alternatively "algae turf scrubber" (ATS)....

    This should be the best long term solution for you.

    I hope that you can get this to work.
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    Why not look at lanthanum based phosphate removers?
    They are used by many to control pO4 in marine aquariums but works as well in fresh, trout farms use it a lot
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    I concur but if the Chemical companies don't have Lanthanum in stock, the imported product is rather pricey.

    It would reduce the amount of space needed for a large ATS or 'Macro algae filter tank', plus the reduction in electricity cost of running the pumps into the ATS and Lights. Just need to do regular water changes which should be part of the regime in any case.

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