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    When you’re in the reef aquarium retail business setting up a display reef tank is not about breaking records or having the biggest, brightest hardest to grow and keep stony corals.*So many fishstores set up unremarkable aquarium displays, it has become the norm while doing our various LFS crawls. The best tanks we encounter are usually the ones which have been set up for a long time, but Phishy Business of Ohio has shared an truly exceptional display of corals right out of the gate.

    Any way you slice it PB’s new 110 gallon mixed softy and LPS aquarium ticks off all the boxes for building a great functional reef aquarium. This display houses an assortment of diverse soft and stony corals, al pretty, wavy and easy to keep just like the public likes. The aquascape of this tank is multidimensional with lots of open space for placing corals, swimming fish and allowing proper water flow.

    It doesn’t hurt that Phishy Business was able to keep and condition many of these specimens for a long while before being added to the tank, but better yet they have near identical specimens for sale to the public at all times. Setting up the*best reef aquarium is not always about flexing your reef aquarium muscle, especially if you’re doing something for others, like family, friends or customers, and we give a hat tip to Phishy Business for understanding this premise very well.

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