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    Parioglossus, is a genus of dwarf dartfish that stay small, nice, and hardy but is rarely offered in the trade.

    Of all 22 species being known to science, the Philippine Dartfish (Parioglossus philippinus) is the one recently shown up in Bangkok. I should say that we are lucky that the fish is caught by the local and already made their way into the market at a reasonable and affordable price.

    This species is found widespread in Indo-West Pacific. The body is white with thin black line cross from the gill to the caudal peduncle with one black spot at the end, painted with one yellow splash on top.


    The Philippine Dartfish are small and cute gobies that rarely grow over a few centimeters. They are one of the world best nano fish for the aquarists looking for schooling fish as they swim in shoals and keep themselves close together in the middle of the current, especially if there are larger fish present.

    Parioglossus philippinus attains a size of 3.5 centimeters, so well under two inches but unlike other nano goby, these fish have a longer life span. An individual will live for several years if stay in the hand of a good aquarist.

    So the only problem is trying to find one for yourself!

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