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8 May 2007
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From first glance the new Pharos LED light fixture looks like a polished version of your typical Chinese box LED lighting systems we’ve seen abound. However upon taking a closer look, the Pharos LED fixture seems to have more light output, programmability and a diversity of features underneath the hood that we don’t expect to see coming from an virtually unknown aquarium light maker.

First thing we see is the on-board controller, a nice touch since most of the LED fixtures we see just have individual power cords. The Pharos touts a lighting compensation system that adjusts and gives 20% more power than conventional LED systems. This is all fine and dandy as long as the LEDs aren’t overdriven too hard and the active, fan cooling system keeps the internal temperature down.

The controller system also allows you to set up a full sunrise to sunset schedule as well as programming the moonlights to mimic the actual lunar cycle. Even with the programming set, you can still go in and manually manipulate the lighting anywhere from 1 to 100% intensity.

Here is a complete rundown of the Pharos LED light fixture:

  • Fully equipped with a lighting compensation system that will adjust the light intensity automatically to achieve 20% more power than conventional LED systems
  • Advanced controller can programmable timer to replicate sunrise and sunset as well as moon lighting
  • Can be programmed to adjust the moon LEDs to the actual lunar cycle
  • Has ability for full manual functions like adjusting the light intensity from 1-100%
  • Actinic high intensity LED light spectrum bringing out the extraordinary colors of your corals which providing exceptional lighting benefits for coral growth
  • Low heat output and transfer
  • Long Life LEDs of 50,000 (5+year average)
  • No UV or IR damage light sensitive items
  • Easy installation multiple mounting options – leg stands or hanging hardware
  • Fan cooled
We found this fixture on sale at Reef Specialty in a 36 and 48 in. model. The pricing was a lot higher than the $500 mark many simple LED systems are going for with the 36 in. model running $1,148.95 and the 48 in. model running $150 more. These lights are also being teased on the CoralVue website so we are sure availability of these will increase as well.

Overall, it looks like a decent all-in-one LED light fixture with built in advanced controllability that should give you what you need if you are looking for one fixture to run over your tank.


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Hello Question i have one of these light over my tank and both white light have blown. How do I order more light ??:0)
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