Pharos 90w led unit and a tl 5500

Discussion in 'Boyu TL450 and TL550 advice' started by jsoli4, 7 Oct 2014.

  1. jsoli4


    17 Feb 2014
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    eash london
    Hi im waiting for my Pharos 90w led unit to arrive from @Andre would just like to know if anyone are using the same unit with there tl and what are there impressions about the unit and what are the height the unit must be from the tank(using a bracket)
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  3. Heni


    21 May 2014
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    east london
    Hey jsoli4 iv got a 600l x800wx600 deep tank and running the same unit iv got the 60 degree lens on it the penetration right to bottom is nice but the spread is not to wonderful having a lot of shaded spot if u got rock formations, I would say a tank of 500 x500 is ok for this light I haven't tried the other lenses tho. Im running 4 t5 tubes with my led and that works nice.I mount my led with the brackets that fits on the sides of the tank and than my water level is a another 5 cm down ,I think u can work on that level of hight.On the positive side I love the royal blues on this unit I only run them in the evenings and the colours look amazing.
  4. Andre@ReefAquatics

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    18 Dec 2012
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    Heni you have the oldest unit. Since then the diodes have changed and the lenses have changed with the new uv modules
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