Petrol anyone?

Are strikes actually good for the workers?

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12 May 2007
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Port Elizabeth
So who has run out of petrol ? I wonder what all these strikes has cost our economy?
Striking is nice. You get some time that you don't have to work, and then you get a nice fat raise for your time off. You gotta love it.
ISANDO/KEMPTON PARK - R25 & M39 (Tembisa Interchange) on 21 July 2007 at 10h00

Photos: ER24, Werner Vermaak

It was a free for all when a fuel tanker overturned in the R25 Interchange near Tembisa this morning.
At approximately 10h00, emergency services received an emergency call for a fuel tanker that overturned and is leaking fuel. Paramedics that arrived on the scene found an extremely hazardous situation.

A fuel tanker, believed to carry almost 38 000 litres of fuel overturned on the on-ramp of the R25 towards Tembisa. The driver of the tanker was the only person that was injured and there were no other vehicles involved. He was transported to the Aarwyp Hospital by the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services.

A different site quickly developed on this highly explosive and flammable scene. Pedestrians and commuters from everywhere ran towards the overturned tanker to get their share of the "free" fuel. Literally hundreds of people stopped alongside the highway and on top of the bridge to collect fuel.

Some of them used anything from a can, beer bottle, buckets and water bottles to collect fuel.

Some of the fuel collectors were so arrogant on scene that they demanded a share in the fuel and started fighting amongst each other. It is amazing to see how quickly people can get buckets and other fluid holding devices on scene. Some children were running down the on-ramp to get fuel.

The situation got worse when the "fuel collectors" started having a casual chat on the scene and lighting cigarettes. The commuters and pedestrians quickly outnumbered emergency services. The police was called in and arrived quickly on the scene.

Fire Fighters had no choice, but to use extreme action to disperse the crowd in order to continue with cleaning up operations and prevent more fuel escaping into storm-water drains. A fire hose was directed at the "fuel collectors" and opened with full force.

People were running and screaming in all directions, up the embankment and up the on-ramp. The crowd got angry that they were not allowed to collect the "free" fuel and started throwing rocks at the fire services. A quick turn of the fire hose at the rock throwers were no match, as the fire department quickly scored in their favour. The powerful water stream swept them off their feet straight into the arms of the police. The police managed to cordoned off the area, it is notcertain if anyone was arrested on the scene.

Fire fighters used all means possible to contain the spillage and closed off the complete intersection as it holds a high safety risk.

Every now and again when a passerby tried to gain access to a leaking manhole on the truck, his urge for free fuel was quickly washed away with a fire hose.

Personally I think they should have tossed in a match. 50 or 60 less taxi drivers on the roads would have been great.

I will have to get Viper to add the pics as I cannot post from work. Oh wait Viper is in PE. Who is holding the fort while he is away jolling.
hectic stuff hill.our economy is gonna fall hecticly by the looks of things
This striking is really P'ing me off... Wat is this country coming to that every single wage increase has to be resolved with a strike... pathetic!!!
If it carries on like this, SA is gonna be in huge K@K.

What do you call a Barbie doll with no food, no clothes and no money?
Zimbarbie !!!

We gonna end up like Zimbabwe if we not careful... Viva Zuma Viva :lol:
Just waiting for one of the mods to offer to post the pics. Hell it is slow here when Viper is on leave. :lol:
I'm surprised he hasn't got his laptop (with 3G) and on right now...
i cant stand these stupid strikes, waste of time, money resources and inconviences millions of people evertime they say "we dimund". feel like head butting some people.:headbutt: eish.

i dont c the point. rule should be strike = no pay no job. end of story.
i would hate for this country to end up like our zim friends on the other side of the fence. not pretty.
.........I will have to get Viper to add the pics as I cannot post from work. Oh wait Viper is in PE. Who is holding the fort while he is away jolling.

The pics I wanted to email to one of you. I see Rory posted already. The rest are at my work.
Click the link just above the first pic to get to the page with the rest of the pics.
We gonna end up like Zimbabwe if we not careful...

It's the law of averages, look at the rest of Africa, South Africa is the only one left, what makes anyone think that we can survive and not end up like the rest of our continent? Think about it. Leave this place before you and your family get murdered for R10.
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