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    Hi reefers

    We had our trail run on Saturday and all went great, so Pet & Vet Stop is open for business!!!

    What is Pet & Vet Stop?
    A shop dedicated to the delivery of services that will include:
    1. Hand-raised birds & accessories + over the counter veterinary products
    2. Puppies, dog food and all the accessories, including over the counter veterinary products
    3. Cat food,accessories and over the counter veterinary products
    4. Bi-weekly animal behaviourist on the floor to give advice
    5. monthly vet on hand to give advise and general information
    6. Newsletter dedicated to help you keeping your pet healthy in body & mind

    Where is this?
    In the same center as Pet Stop SA, just at the entrance of P&P.

    Why the split?
    The reason is 3 fold:
    1. Pet Stop Sa got to small for all the stock, so we either had to discontinue a department or make another plan
    2. I want my staff to start to specialise in one department, but with everything under one roof this became very difficult as they wanted to help their customers with everything and as we all know "Jack of all trades = master of non"
    3. For the future franchising options it would be easier to have a dedicated Bird, Dogs & Cats shop. This make the franchise options more flexible as a franchisee can start with a Pet & Vet and work up to include tropical, marines and reptiles. Just that more professional and specialised, I think.

    What is the benefit to us (Marine reefers)?
    Now Pet Stop SA is dedicated towards Marines, tropical and reptiles ONLY. Thus you can expect:
    • better service,
    • more options on display,
    • specialization on a whole new level and
    • a new era in marine aquarium manufacturing, installation & maintenance
    • a Whatsapp newsletter to inform you of impromptu news and things that happen in the Pet Stop group
    I have a specialist in aquarium design, building, installation and decorating starting @ the end of the month, especially for you.:m122:

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