Perspex manufacturer

15 Dec 2007
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I need your help!!

I am looking for a person that can work with perspex professionally and have the necessary tools on hand.
This will not be for permanent employment but self employed to be the SOLE manufacturer of our 3 main projects and all the associated business that are generated on the side.

Are you that person
Do you know someone that are the ideal candidate?

Well any one that are confidant they can supply a superior product MUST contact me for an appointment.
to test and prove your skills We will expect from you to build a sample out of material supplied by us.

The person that get this contract will have initial work for 3 to 4 months on phase 1 of project 1 depending on your delivery time and quality workmanship you could expect to have work on a constant basis for months and even years to come.
Close to Pta as we are based in Pta. and quality control is of the utmost importance for me!!

I want to see it before it is delivered.
Look like he can be the guy!!

Clearly precision and quality should not be a problem, but I only see wood not perspex?
Laser cutting is 1 aspect. gluing it together is another and then come the LOOK of the finished product?

I can get laser cutting done 1 km from here but their knowledge / skills when it come to gluing it together suck. :m22:
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