Pemba Trip!

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    Ok guys!
    This is just a feeler to determine interest.
    I’ve had allot of requests regarding pemba.
    The Idea is to take 10 people up to the same spot that we stayed in for a period of 1 week.
    I have talked to the owner of the property and he gave me a rate of R500 per person per day (this is not set Ill still have to bargain for a better rate) this will include Beer. Im looking for ten people (preferably guys) to do the trip with me and my friend.
    We will fly from JHB to pemba.Last time I checked tickets was round about R4360 excl tax of R500.

    This wont be 5 star treatment but more like a good camping trip and an opportunity to meet fellow reefers.

    Please feel free to ask questions
    The dates have not yet been determined but I thinking March or May?
    This is still open for discussion

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